Fight the good fight

When life is getting tough on us, we are tougher. This is what we are made to believe. That we are tough. We can make it through the darkest of times. We can survive. We can surely make it through times of uncertainty. This is what I am made to believe. And this is not to go down without a valid fight. Not to give up and knowing that you did your utmost best in die end of the day.

But what the hell are we fighting for? For survival? Yes. We are all in it for the fight. But it does not mean that we have to be selfish and not think of other people that are also fighting the same fight you are fighting right now. To do bulk buying out of sheer panic will not help others at all. To buy hand sanitizers and vitamin C’s by the hundreds will not help other people at all. It will make you look selfish and uncaring, and this is not how you want people to remember you by, now is it?

We are living in a time of uncertainty. We have a little bit of fear and our survival depends on it. With the Coronavirus spreading like wildfire throughout the world we are all scared. We are all fighting to stay alive. We are all doing our bit to curb the virus and by doing so, we make sure that our hands are washed and we make sure that we take care of ourselves hygienically. Small things, but we keep on doing it to stay as healthy as we can be.

Everyone is scared right now. Everyone is full of fear and anxiety. The question is are we doing our fighting in praying? Are we actually fighting a good fight when we stand in long queues in a retail store buying sanitizers and canned foods? Most of you guys will probably mock this sort of questions but hey? They are true. Are we really praying and hoping that God will provide us with enough to pull us through the worst?

Fighting for survival does not mean to act selfish and uncaring in a long waiting line at your nearest Makro store. It also does not mean to stay away from the grocery store altogether, but to be considerate of others because we all have the same needs as you do when you buy canned beans or Blue Ribbon white bread.

Everyone will say that they do not have time for prayer, but it does help. God is there for each and every one of us and will be through the hard times.  We all have something in common at this very moment. We are fighting for sheer survival and doing our very best to avoid the disease as much as possible.

But we do need to pray for ourselves and to pray for those fighting hard to combat the disease. We need to pray for the healthcare professionals risking their lives to save those battling the virus.

Fighting the good fight means to pray as much as possible. We have been through a lot of hardships in life as a whole. We need to do our fighting in prayer. That is more important than anything else.



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