Tough Times

Today, President Cyril Ramaphosa, will yet again address South Africa on developments with regards to the COVID-19 pandemic. I have to share my concern here but also, I have to trust the Good Man Upstairs, that it will be for the best for all South-Africans. It is absolutely vital to remember that good health for all South-Africans is of utmost importance for all of us.

I’m sharing this because yesterday afternoon I was in a positive frame of mind. I was at home with my family, enjoying the time eating pretzels and Easter eggs, drinking coffee and watching movies. I was in a positive frame of mind because I was blessed with good health and my family. In a time like today, it is this that should make me grateful.

Today, like yesterday, I am mostly housebound. I call it a semi-lockdown because we still have that opportunity to move around freely still, but we are too afraid to poke our noses out of the door. Yesterday and this morning I went out for a brisk walk/jog. Both days were absolutely beautiful with fresh breezes cooling me down. I was yet again, blessed to have cool air in my lungs.

Today, I am kind of negative due to the fact that I was watching a church service online with my family. Receiving the message should make me feel positive, but being at home watching a service by a church I attended for more than 10 years makes me kind of sad. In the same way I am blessed to have the opportunity to watch a service online because, in today’s time, every little bit helps.

I do not know what will happen tonight. It actually scares me. My future could change after tonight. Or it could be as it was a week ago. I am hoping for the best. I am praying for the best. Because we will be going through a tough time in the coming weeks and we need all the prayers we can get as a nation.

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